Streetsweepers, The Complete Book of Combat Shotguns

Duncan Long
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Whether you’re on the battlefield or protecting your home, the shotgun’s ability to lay down massive, deadly fire at close ranges makes it an ideal combat weapon. In this comprehensive guide, noted firearms author Duncan Long reviews more than 150 shotguns - from basic sporter models to state-of-the-art military weapons to exotic designs that never left the production floor - and addresses the strengths and limitations of each. Since the 1987 release of the original edition of Streetsweepers, Long has monitored the continual revisions, improvements and innovations in the field of shotgun design. Here he describes the combat tactics that every shotgunner needs to know; examines every type of shotgun to help you determine which is best for your needs; explains every aspect of shotgun ammunition, including how to choose the right gauge and shot, decipher the terminology and use special-purpose rounds such as flechettes and tear-gas projectiles; and gives expert instruction on customizing shotguns, telling you what you must know about the assault weapon ban before you choose or modify your gun. Longtime shotgun owners and novices alike will find a wealth of information in this revised, updated edition of the ultimate guide to combat shotguns. 224 pp.

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