The Eagle on U.S. Firearms

John W. Jordan
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This book, as the title indicates, presents a study of eagles, albeit rather specialized and not too closely associated with ornithology. While the more practical matters of metallurgy, ballistics, machine tools and design have been dealt with in great detail by many writers, the matter of eagle marking appears to have been given little attention; and the obvious sources have added almost nothing. So, for the time being, we rely on the visual evidence, some rather scanty due to the ravages of corrosion (lock eagles being quite vulnerable to black powder residues), some almost obliterated during conversion from one form of ignition to another, but many in a remarkable state of preservation and clarity. The author regrets that this photographic essay does not encompass all possible eagles; although most of the national armory examples are represented here, many of the early contract arms, particularly those of very limited production, are not included other than by name in the index, where those reportedly exhibiting eagles have been noted with an asterisk. Richly photographed and illustrated, this book is a detailed addition to anyone interested in gun markings. 140pp.

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