Trapper's Bible, The

Dale Martin
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Meat in the freezer and money in the bank.  Trapping can be a rewarding and lucrative hobby - even more so when you have the satisfaction of making and setting the traps yourself.

More than just colorful outdoor lore, the do-it-yourself traps, snares, and pathguards detailed here can be constructed out of the most basic materials, keeping your expenses down, and your net profits - and enjoyment - up.

The mechanics of small wire snares, large animal snares, and transplant traps for moving animals from one area to another without harming them, plus many refinements and variations of the basic sets, provide information for all your trapping needs.  And if the tables should be turned and you become the prey, the author includes camp or path alarms that warn of possible intruders, and deadly path-guarding traps that could save your life. 63pp.



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