U.S. Martial .22RF Rifles

Thomas D. Bartha
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A detailed review of the firearms used as martial .22RF training rifles by the U.S. services. Beginning with the Model 1889 Rolling Block Conversion, also traces the use of the Krag, Hoffer-Thompson, Winder Musket, Winchester Model 1903, Model 1922 Springfield Gallery Practice Rifles, Remington Model 513-T, Winchester Model 75, Stevens Model 416-T, Mossberg Models 42MB & 44US, and the H&R Model 65 & MC-58. Postwar rifles covered include the Mossberg 144US, the Winchester Model 52 series, the Remington Models 511-P, 40-X, 521 & 541-X, M16 conversions, the H&R Model 5200, the Kimber Model 82 Government, and others, along with a comprehensive appendix of rifle data. 63 104pp.

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