Vintage British Shotguns

Wieland, Terry
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Fine shotguns have been made in England and Scotland for more than a century, and many have been imported to the U.S. as new and vintage guns. British gunmakers include distinguished, established firms as well as hundreds of lesser-known makers, including small, specialized operations. Wieland has created an authoritative guide that looks at today’s as well as defunct individual makers, their products, and the selling points of particular guns. He compares London guns vs. Birmingham guns, he shows us the different types of sidelock and boxlock because they are not all the same. Also discussed are bolting systems, over-and-unders, chamber lengths, and some very useful thoughts on what to remember when buying an old English gun. And he names negative points or product limitations. While the book will be welcomed by gun collectors worldwide, it is particularly useful to those who are curious about British makers whose production was or is substantial enough that their guns would have crossed the pond into North America. Complete list of makers covered...Army & Navy, Asprey, Henry Atkin, Frederick Beesley, Bentley & Playfair, Birmingham Small Arms (BSA), Blanch, Thomas Bland, C.G. Bonehill, Boss & Co., Charles Boswell, A.A. Brown & Sons, David McKay Brown, William Cashmore, E.J. Churchill, George Coster, John Dickson, James Erskine, William Evans, Cogswell & Harrison, Alexander Henry, George Gibbs, William Golden, Stephen Grant, W.W. Greener, Holland & Holland, Isaac Hollis, W.J. Jeffery, Charles Lancaster, Joseph Lang, Lang & Hussey, James MacNaughton, Manton, Alexander Martin, Midland Gun Company, William Mortimer, Peter Nelson, William Powell, James Purdey & Sons, E.M. Reilly & Co., John Rigby & Co., W. & C. Scott, J. & W. Tolley, Vickers, Wanless Brothers, Watson Brothers, P. Webley, Webley & Scott, Westley Richards & Co., John Wilkes, Williamson & Son, James Woodward. In addition some rare makers such as Giles Whatsis, Symes & Wright, etc.

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