Weapon Mounts for Secondary Armament

Detroit Arsenal of the United States Army Ordnance Corps
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1157 pages of wonderful, arcane, and useful knowledge about weapon mounts, both experimental and in use. Much of this information can be found nowhere else. Weapon mounts for Secondary Armament has long been the most respected and sought after work ever published on weapon mounts. Published in 1957 as a reference for those interested in developing new and more effective secondary armament, it's publishing history is still something of a mystery. The number of volumes originally published is not known, though it is generally believed as few as 25 copies were printed. Whatever the number, it must have been very small because today an original copy is so rare it can sell for well over $1000-. The scope of the mounts covered here is stunning. Starting in WW1 and continuing to the mid 1950s, the material includes data and details on coaxial and combination gun mounts, bell mounts, cupola gun mounts, bow gun mounts, fender and sponson mounts, and other types of mounts for secondary armament weapons. A great deal of attention is also given to experimental mounts, tracing the developmental history of some of the world's most famous mounts. Printed from the original restored film, this edition of Weapon Mounts for Secondary Armament is the result of a few dedicated collectors determined to see this treasured resource finally reach the larger audience it deserves. 1157pp.

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