Weapons Evaluations for the Armed Professional and Advanced Collector

Alan C. Paulson
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A sweeping professional analysis of some of the best combat firearms ever fielded by frontline troops around the globe. Small-arms expert Alan C. Paulson takes the perspective of tactician, end user, scientist, historian, ballistician and journalist to thoroughly examine the combat capabilities of the most advanced handguns, shotguns, tactical carbines, sniper rifles and .50 calibers in the world, from groundbreaking guns of the famed OSS during World War II to today’s cutting-edge hardware doing duty in the War on Terror. Whether the mission is a dynamic entry against armed hostiles, close-quarters combat under rugged battlefield conditions, discreet wet work in a foreign capital or an ultra-long-range takedown across the desert sands, the weapons featured in this book have been called on by elite military units, police tactical teams and covert operatives to get the job done. 372pp.

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